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Q: What is the difference in getting your book published through Dunamis Publications and self publishing?

Dunamis Publications uses Createspace (an Amazon Company) to publish books on demand. However all Dunamis Publications go through an editorial process. Dunamis does not publish works without going through this process. When a author self publishes, they can publish anything they desire.

Q: What is the publishing process?
Every author and every book is different. The process will vary according to the level of the author and the complexity of the work. If the book has already been written, it will have to be retyped into an acceptable template. After the work is in an acceptable form, it will be edited for content. During this process, we work with the author making possible suggestions until all questions are resolved to the satisfaction of Dunamis and the author. There will be a final edit for literary and formatting errors. Once the book is in an acceptable form, it will be submitted for Createspace's review. This review can take several times. When all formatting issues have been resolved, it will be submitted and a "proof" copy will be ordered. If the proof is acceptable, the book is brought online through Createspace and Amazon.
Q: Will the book be available as a Kindle book?
That will be left up to the author to decide. We have been told that Kindle often accounts for more than half of their book sells, so it is recommended.
Q. Do I make money from the book?

Mainstream publishers are in the business of making money, therefore they are very selective for whom they publish. Dunamis Publications does not publish to make money. We publishes books to empower people and give them a voice. However, it does take some money to publish books.

The first $100.00 revenue from each book will go to Dunamis. A percent of the revenue after the first $100.00 will go to the author (email us for more information).

Dunamis can purchase books at a dramatically reducded price. The author can purchase as many copies as they desire through Dunamis for personal distribution and sale.

Q: How much does it cost Dunamis to publish a book?
Dunamis Publications purchases ISBN numbers from a third party. A single ISBN number costs over $100.00. The only other charge is for the proof copies of the book and the price varies for each book. Createspace provides a template for book covers, but the author may choose to have a professional cover designed. This can be as inexpensive as $50 or as expensive as $3000. If the author chooses to have a professional cover designed, they must pay the cost upfront.
Q: How do I get more information?
If you are interested in publishing your book through Dunamis Publications, email us at and put "Attention Editor" in the subject line.

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