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10/07/2015 6:34 AM -

You can have more power in your life or help others get power in their life!

Power is having the ability, the confidence, and the resources to accomplish individual ambitions and dreams. Often people do not have a sense of purpose or have enough self-confidence necessary to motivate them toward success. Others may lack the knowledge, resources, or do not have opportunities to take them further in life. Some people are caught in the trap of thinking that they cannot succeed because they don't come from the right place or are hindered by other social constraints.   


These circumstances may lead to feelings of powerlessness and feelings of powerlessness may lead to feelings of hopelessness and behaviors that hinder a person from accomplishing goals and can even lead to destructive behaviors and bad situations.


How can people or organizations empower others?


First, we empower others by understanding power and the feelings of powerlessness.

  • We all have needs: (physical, safety, social, esteem, etc.). Remember Maslow's Hierarchy of needs?
  • Unfulfilled needs leads to feelings of powerlessness.
  • Where are your greatest areas of powerlessness?
  • Fulfilling these needs increases the power in a person's life.
  • Most people accept this needs model, but some felt that the original hierarchy of needs model did not represent all of man's needs. In the nineties, transcendence was added to the top of the pyramid. The sense of transcendence includes the sense of having a calling or being called through one's work. Transcendence includes the need for social connection or membership in a social network. Transcendence also includes the need for a connection to God.
  • When a person's need in any of the areas not met, they often experience the feeling of powerlessness.

Secondly, we empower others by addressing their feelings of powerlessness.

  • Most organizations identify needs in a population of people and empower them according to their common needs.
  • The Dunamis method of empowerment offers an alternative by first listening to the individual and identifying their feelings of powerlessness as social, structural, psychological, spiritual, or a combination of these and empowering them according to their areas of need.

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