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Dunamis Empowerment Foundation began sponsoring entrepreneurial workshops in 2016. The workshops are aimed at anyone who is unemployed, under-employed, or just plain want to start a business, but they are open to anyone. The workshops discuss what qualities a person should possess to become a successful business owner and then covers each aspect needed to begin a business--soup to nuts--as they say.

We look forward to starting the workshops again in 2017. The details will be announced at a later time.

Two factors seem to kept many people from attending all or any of the workshops; both had to do with time. Last year, the workshops were held once a month for six months. Most people could not attend every workshop and missed some valuable information so quit coming. We also learned that there were many people that wished to attend, but could not because of the time of the evening they were held.


To address these issues and to give each emerging entrepreneur more time, Startup Power is offering PERSONAL ENTREPRENEUR WORKSHOPS via skye. This allows every entrpreneur (or team) access to the necessary information necessary information needed to start a business. The individual approach will give the emerging entrepreneur needed coaching and mentoring. Go to for more information.


Check out the Startup Power blog for great entrepreneurial information.

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