Empower4 is an empowerment model that integrates social empowerment, structural empowerment, psychological empowerment, and divine empowerment for the purpose of empowering people so that they will have more control of their lives and futures.

The dictionary definition of empower is 1. to give or authorize to; to authorize by legal or official means; 2. to enable or permit. Simply put, to empower someone is to give them power or to help them get power.
It's all about Power
Power is often defined as the ability to influence or coerce others into actions they might not otherwise do, but Dunamis Empowerment Foundation defines power as having the ability, the confidence, and the resources to control one's environment and to pursue individual hopes and dreams. The first is "power over" others and the latter is the "power to" control one's own life. "Power to" is the focus of Dunamis.
There are three necessary elements to "power to":
  1. Ability (including authority)
  2. Confidence
  3. Resources
Lacking these three often leads to feelings of powerlessness
Power is wanted so that a person can control their environment. Controlling your environment means that you can live where you want to live, drive the car you want to drive, and have the things you want to have. People also want power so that they can pursue their hopes and dreams. When a person does not have power, they begin having feelings of powerlessness.
The Empower4 model addresses these feelings of powerlessness.

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