Empower Children

08/11/2015 9:32 AM -

Empowered Kids are our Future!

The saying goes, "It takes a village to raise a child." This saying has been criticized for minimizing the role and responsibility that the parent has to raise their own children. However, it is just a reminder that everyone in society plays an important part in the development of our children. Yes, this sounds like a huge responsibility--and it is! Parents have the primary role in their children's lives and teachers have the secondary role, but everyone of us has the ability to either help or hinder the development of children's lives and ultimately their futures.

We especially have the ability to PSYCHOLOGICALLY EMPOWER the kids in our community. If a child has the knowledge and the feeling that they can succeed in life, they will. Regardless of how we prepare our children, if they do not believe in themselves, they are not likely to be as successful. We can help them be prepared mentally, psychologically, socially, and spiritually for the challenges of life.

We psychologically empower children and others by:

  1. Building their confidence.
  2. Helping them become self-motivated and determined.
  3. Helping them to find meaning in their lives.
  4. By showing them that they can have a positive impact on others lives and society.


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