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Not everyone thinks that they need a coach or even could use a coach. The truth is, almost everyone would benefit by hiring a coach. Answer these few questions yes or no to see if you should hire a coach.

  1. Is there something specific that you want to accomplish in your career or personal life?
  2. Do you have difficulty deciding the things on which you need to give most of your time?
  3. Do you have difficulty staying focused upon the really important tasks?
  4. Are you frustrated on the progress that you are currently having in one or more areas of life?
  5. Do you long for someone to share your ideas with and help you stay focused?

If you answered yes to all five of the questions, then you really need a coach. Unless you said no to all five question, then you could really benefit hiring a coach. I often tell people that if you are doing well in life and at work without a coach, then you would do better with a coach. It is my strong personal feeling that everyone should use a coach periodically in life. Even Bill Gates tells people that "everyone needs a coach."

I have accomplished things without having a coach, and I have accomplished things using a coach. When using a coach, I am more confident and purposeful in my actions and feel like the results were better than after accomplishing things without a coach. I have also coached many people and have yet to have anyone regret hiring my services.

In today's competitive world, everyone needs every advantage they can get and the use of coaches is on the increase. When you enter the workforce, you will be competing for customers, positions, and jobs with others and many of them will be using a coach.

There are many coaching networks like the International Coaching Federation (they have a list of coaches) and a Google search will reveal coaches near you. If you think that a coach will help you "advance" to where you want to be, then contact Advance Coaching (a service of Dunamis Empowerment Foundation) at 979.308.7470 or email Dr. Jimmy Bayes at

Your first month of coaching is free.

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