Dunamis Empowerment Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit ministry whose purpose is to
Empower People to Empower People

The two-fold mission of Dunamis Empowerment Foundation (Dunamis) is to promote the full empowerment  potential of organizations and individuals, and to empower them by providing the needed resources through grants, scholarships, donations, and programs.
Dunamis  was established in 2014 to address people's feelings of powerlessness by promoting social, structural, psychological, and divine empowerment (read about why we use the term divine empowerment here).
  "Dunamis exists to promote the social, structural, psychological, and divine empowerment of individuals and organizations through various means of communication including but not limited to books, articles, publications, seminars, social media, speaking engagements, and by networking with other empowering individuals and organizations."  
Dunanis operates with three assumptions:
  1. Everyone needs more power in their life.
  2. Everyone needs to be connected to God.
  3. Everyone has the ability to empower others.
Dunamis uses the Empower4 model.

Empower4 (E4) is an empowerment model that includes social, structural, psychological, and spiritual elements aimed at an individual or groups feelings of powerlessness.

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